Division 7 Ebook Page 243 FOAMULARŪ XPS Roof Insulation for Commercial Buildings

PAGE 12 1-800-GET-PINK www.owenscorning.com ARCHITECTURAL METAL ROOFING SYSTEMS The exceptional performance of architectural metal roofing makes it one of the most specified products in commercial roofing. Architectural metal roofing systems are energy efficient with various levels of solar reflectance and emittance depending on the heating or cooling needs of a given climate. Metal roofs are recyclable, lightweight and easy to install. They provide protection against extreme weather conditions. With strong corrosion resistance they also offer long lasting durability. Metal roofs are aesthetically pleasing, versatile and cost efficient throughout their life cycle. They come in many colors and seam profiles including standing seam, curved, exposed fastener, concealed fastener, suitable for many applications including new and retrofit projects and any type of commercial or residential projects. FOAMULAR THERMAPINK XPS RIGID INSULATION FOAMULAR THERMAPINK XPS insulation is strong, lightweight and easily cut making it an excellent insulation choice for architectural metal roofing systems. THERMAPINK 25 insulation has a 25 psi compressive strength that is strong enough to hold the retention clips used to secure the metal roofing system. Bearing plates under the clips sit into the surface of the insulation as they are tightened. No adhered facer means no extra labor needed to trim the surface to achieve proper seating. THERMAPINK XPS insulation has high resistance to water absorption, and a stable long-term R-value of 5 per inch. Since FOAMULAR THERMAPINK XPS insulation is highly water resistant it is easier to stage on job sites than products like polyisocyanurate and EPS that are more moisture sensitive and subject to restrictive storage and warranty rules. Also, with moderate perm ratings and high, long-lasting R-value, THERMAPINK insulation layers with sealed joints help limit the formation of condensation under metal roofing and help drain it away when it forms. Sealed joints and high water resistance also makes THERMAPINK XPS insulation a temporary water shed while the job is awaiting final installation of the metal roof covering. See pages 7 and 8 for FOAMULAR THERMAPINK insulation physical properties and size availability. ARCHITECTURAL METAL ROOFING SYSTEM FOAMULAR XPS FOAM INSULATION ARCHITECTURAL METAL INSULATED ROOF SYSTEMS FOAMULAR THERMAPINK 25 XPS INSULATION

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