Division 7 Ebook Page 228 Roof Insulation Overview

Section Overview Roofing and Insulation Systems Roofing and Insulation Systems Owens Corning provides roofing and insulation products that are ideal for steep and low slope roofing for both commercial and residential applications. The diverse families of roofing product and system solutions introduced in this overview are completely described for your next project specification in the individual roofing sections of this Owens Corning Division 7 Commercial Specification binder. Single-Ply Roofing Systems Single-ply roof systems provide strength, flexibility, durability and installation speed. The inherent advantage of single-ply systems is the consistency of the quality of the plant manufactured membrane, and the versatility of product types, installation and attachment methods, all resulting in broader system appeal. THERMAPINK extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation used under white single-ply roofing membranes is a sustainable system because it uses minimal layers and materials, is energy and cost efficient, and is reusable. Layers and materials are minimized because reflective white membranes, that stay cooler than colored membranes, can be mechanically attached directly over a fire rated slip sheet over THERMAPINK XPS insulation. THERMAPINK XPS insulation in that system is able to achieve a Class A system rating with no need for a gypsum cover board. An additional layer can also be eliminated with THERMAPINK XPS insulation placed directly over the steel roof deck with no need for a gypsum board thermal barrier layer between the THERMAPINK XPS insulation and the roof deck. Eliminating these two layers of gypsum board layers is not only more sustainable, it is also more cost efficient. The cool white membrane surface, coupled with long lasting and stable THERMAPINK XPS insulation R-value provides an energy efficient, sustainable roofing system that uses minimal layers and materials. And, when it comes time to re-roof, the highly water resistant and durable THERMAPINK insulation is, in most instances, reusable. PRMA & Vegetative Waterproofing with FOAMULAR 404/604, 404RB/604RB Insulation Mechanically Attached Single-Ply Roofing with FOAMULAR THERMAPINK XPS Insulation Recover Single-Ply Roofing with FOAMULAR DURAPINK XPS Insulation

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