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Cabrillo College Metro Rebound Wall Panels Specialty Products Any new or existing facility can meet specific acoustic, aes- thetic, and architectural challenges. Our custom-designed specialty products provide added flexibility in solving those challenges. Baffles Conwed Designscape Baffles preserve the look of large spaces with high, open ceilings such as hallways, foyers, caf- eterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and industrial arts areas. Our products control reverberation, reduce noise, and improve speech intelligibility throughout the space while adding an attractive, customized appearance. Baffles offer the same finishes as our wall panels and also arrive ready to install. Diffusers Our diffusers are custom-engineered acoustic products that are designed to absorb, reflect, or diffuse sound in music rooms, auditoriums, and other enclosed spaces. Dif- fusers and absorbers, like our other products, can be tai- lored to meet your aesthetic needs. The end result is a custom finish that blends seamlessly into your venue, and looks as good as it performs. Cerritos College Metro Rebound Wall Panels Del Webb Middle School Respond Diffusers C Cerri itos College

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