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Large Office Client Eurospan Stretch Systems Eurospan Stretch Systems A seamless acoustical solution designed for the ceilings and walls of any space. Now virtually any wall or ceiling can have outstanding acoustical performance, without the traditional look of fabric-covered panels. Eurospan Stretch Systems are a complete acoustical system consist- ing of four main elements: A highly flexible wide span textile allowing for a seamless appearance that forms around curves, vents, and other cut-outs with ease. Proprietary track system that stretches the materials up to 16' for a monolithic look. System installation by certified professionals. High-performance integrated glass fiber core with a white matte face covering. The result is a monolithic surface with outstanding acous- tical properties. Eurospan Stretch Systems merge unob- trusively with the interior design just as it blends perfectly with the architect's imagination and the building owner's needs. Extraordinary Design The Eurospan advantage allows design of creative wall and ceiling features into a complete interior scheme. Eurospan Stretch System textiles can be used as unique space dividers or custom printed backdrops. Our ceiling clouds can turn harsh overhead lighting into a soft, invit- ing accent. Ceiling and wall treatments can be designed with hidden backlighting for unique interior design elements. Color choices include Classic White, Vienna Crme, Theater Black, April Sky, or custom coloring using our special colorants, if desired, for a custom look that ts your interior palette. Complete Flexibility Eurospan Stretch Systems easily accommodate spaces of any size and shape. Our special textile uses a lock- ing knit-weave technique with integrity over the entire stretched surface. This means vents, lights, sprinklers, and other penetrations are never a problem. Large Office Client Eurospan Stretch Systems Stewart Romberger & Associates Eurospan Custom Clouds L Offi Cli t

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