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VA Hospital Respond A Series Wall Panels Sound Solutions Across the country, facilities like yours turn to Conwed Designscape for acoustic solutions tailored to their venue, whether the room needs a nearly seamless, uniform ap- pearance or a bold display of color and design. The science that goes into our design, construction, and finish options makes us your one-stop acoustics resource for one of the best in durability, aesthetics, and sound control. Conwed Designscape products can be easily installed to enhance sound quality, minimize noise distractions, increase the ability to concentrate, and improve speech intelligibility. Our innovative products are all custom-made to meet your specific requirements. A Long History The Conwed Designscape legacy includes the acoustic insulation for Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis and as pioneers in the open office concept, installing the first free-standing acoustic office dividers. Industry Leader Conwed Designscape can meet specific acoustic, aesthetic, and architectural challenges. Our custom-designed prod- ucts provide added flexibility in solving those challenges. We offer a wide variety of acoustical core materials, finish- es, sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and mounting options. Our acoustic core materials meet ASTM-E84 requirements and are tailored with Class A fire-rated fabrics and vinyls or painted finishes. We also test our products for reliabil- ity under the rigors of daily use. Precision measuring and cutting takes place at our facility, so your panels, baffles and clouds arrive onsite, ready to install. Proven Products You may have already experienced our diverse offering of acoustic solutions in facilities across the nation, including the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, Paccar Hall School of Business at the University of Washington, the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C., and The Children's Museum in Indianapolis. As one of the largest manufacturers of custom acoustic panels, Conwed Designscape offers a great variety of products. Expert Service Conwed Designscape supports architects, designers, and customers through a nationwide network of sales profes- sionals. Our team offers expert technical assistance in se- lecting the appropriate solutions for the specific acoustic challenges in your facility. Retail Client Respond A Series Wall Panels Clay Jr. High Ceiling: Custom Curved Re ective Clouds Walls: Re ective Wall Panels Clay Jr r. Hi igh R Ret tail Client

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