Division 7 Ebook Page 204 EcoTouch® Sonobatts® Insulation Product Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet EcoTouch Sonobatts Insulation with PureFiber Technology Maximum thermal performance is obtained by minimizing the number of penetrations in the ceiling. Surface mounted lighting and large ceiling panels, 48" x 48", can be utilized to reduce penetrations and improve thermal performance. When insulation is added to the inside perimeter of a structure, the area outside the insulation becomes exposed to greater temperature extremes. Building structures should be inspected to ensure they can withstand the additional expansion and contraction forces. Check for piping which should be protected against freezing. In thermal applications, the area above the insulation should not act as a return air plenum. This would render the insulation thermally ineffective as the air space above the ceiling would be at the same temperature as the room below. Thermal insulation in return plenum areas would best be added at the roof and side walls. Sonobatts insulation can also provide acoustical control at the ceiling. Insulation placed on top of a suspended ceiling at a floor-to- ceiling partition helps reduce the transfer of sound over the partition between offices. In acoustical applications, the area above the insulation may serve as a return air plenum. Insulation installed too close to light fixtures may affect the luminaire's performance. Do not install insulation on top of or within 3" of recessed light fixtures unless the fixtures are approved for such use. This is a requirement of the National Electric Code. Consult the ceiling panel manufacturer for information on time-design hourly fire resistance rated assemblies and maximum backloading recommendations. Installation Sonobatts insulation is easily installed in suspended ceiling systems by simply laying them on top of the ceiling panel and suspension system. Sonobatts insulation should fit tightly together to reduce the amount of heat loss. Product should be kept dry during shipping, storage and installation. EcoTouch Sonobatts Insulation Ceiling Board Concrete Deck Ceiling Grid Product Data Available Vapor Retarder Facings Kraft Perms Maximum 1 Water Absorption Maximum by Volume Less than 0.05% Dimensional Stability Linear Shrinkage Less than 0.1% Air Erosion Air Velocities per UL 181 Up to 1,000 fpm Less than 0.1% 1. Products are tested in accordance: R-Value: ASTM C518 Surface Burning Characteristics: ASTM E84 Perm Rating: ASTM E96 R-values differ. Find out why in the sellers fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean great insulating power.

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