Division 7 Ebook Page 197 Senergy® Sentry Stucco CI Wall System Overview

Senerthik Base Coat Senergy Finish Metal Framing ASTM C578, XPS Insulation Board Casing Bead / Starter Track with Weep Holes Acceptable Sheathing Tyvek StuccoWrap Sentry Stucco CI System Insulation Boards XPS insulation board shall be stored flat, out of direct sunlight. XPS board thickness must be 1" to 2". Offset from sheathing joints by a minimum of 16". Offset from corners of doors, windows and other penetrations by a minimum of 4". Stagger joints in a running bond pattern offset a minimum of 24". Use only mechanical fasteners specified by BASF Wall Systems and install according to specifications. Do not overdrive mechanical fasteners. They should recess only 1/16" from surface. Always fill gaps in insulation layer greater than 1/16" with slivers of insulation and not with base coat or other materials. Reinforced Base Coat Apply FIBERLATH MESH over insulation board with 76 mm (3") overlap at edges; secure through insulation and into substrate with mechanical fasteners at [406 mm (16") o.c. horizontally over masonry substrates] [406 mm (16") or 609 mm (24") o.c. horizontally over framing] and 304 mm (12") o.c. vertically. Install expansion joints and other joints as indicated on Drawings. SENERTHIK BASE COAT must be properly keyed into expanded flange of metal trim. Immediately trowel a second layer of mixed SENERTHIK BASE COAT to a thickness of approximately 4.8 mm (3/16".) Level BASE COAT with a metal or wood slicker to achieve a smooth, uniform surface; total thickness shall be 9 mm (3/8"), matching the height of grounds of trim accessories. Allow SENERTHIK BASE COAT to cure a minimum of 2 days prior to application of Primer and Finish Coat or architectural features. Finish Use only stainless steel trowels. Avoid working in direct sunlight. Finishes should be applied with adequate manpower, tools and staging to keep a wet edge. A primer tinted to the color of the finish is recommended prior to application of rilled finishes and required for stone finishes. Do not run finish into joints. Do not run finish over sealants. Do not quit in the middle of a wall; run to natural breaks. Do not use different batches of finish on the same elevation. Protect from precipitation for a minimum of 24 hours. Use only sealants that are acceptable for use with this system. Acceptable sealants and backer rods or bond breakers must be installed at all transitions between this system and other wall assembly elements such as windows, doors, vents, transitions to dissimilar materials,A/C cases, and other penetrations. LIMITATIONS Wind-load requirements may limit the use of this system. XPS insulation cannot be rasped. KEY UPGRADES AVAILABLE: System upgrades can include the addition of SENERSHIELD-R as an air/ water-resistive barrier, specialty finishes, silicone enhanced textured finishes to improve dirt pick up and mildew resistance, and tinted primers to enhance final aesthetics. Fiberlath Mesh with Wind-Lock ULP 302 plates

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