Division 7 Ebook Page 175 Insulated Concrete Sandwich Panels Overview

Section Overview Concrete Sandwich Panel Insulated Wall Systems CommercialComplete Wall Systems Owens Corning's CommercialComplete Wall Systems provide insulation solutions for the demands of insulated concrete sandwich panel wall construction; such as energy efficiency, moisture management, indoor air quality, sustainability and energy and building code compliance. Concrete sandwich panels are ideal for all building applications. Panelized concrete construction is an increasingly preferred construction method because it provides design flexibility while producing panels that are structural, fire resistant, highly moisture resistant and durable, all with enhanced speed of erection and enclosure time. Additionally, panels can be cast in one of three ways; precast in a controlled factory environment, site cast tilt-up or vertically cast-in-place. Also, repetitive building units, such as hotels, dormitories and prisons, can be modularized to make for even greater construction efficiencies. Concrete sandwich panels consist of two wythes of concrete, an outer and inner, with a layer of durable FOAMULAR 250 Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation sandwiched in between. Non-corrosive, low-conductivity, fiber composite MC/MS Series connectors from Thermomass are used to bond the wythes of the sandwich panel together. The chemically resistant connectors enable the creation of an uninterrupted FOAMULAR envelope and effectively minimize the effects of thermal bridging in the building's wall systems, creating the ultimate in energy efficient wall systems. They lynchpin of the entire wall assembly is the fiber composite connector manufactured by Thermomass. All Thermomass connectors are comprised of individual E-glass strands and are bonded with a vinyl ester resin. This pairing creates a material that is exceptionally strong while possessing low thermal conductivity. The fiber-composite connectors have been engineered to connect and support the two layers of concrete, so their structural integrity is of the utmost importance. Buildings insulated with Thermomass systems are designed to maximize the thermal mass effect of concrete and minimize thermal bridges. These two concepts are key to meeting or exceeding stringent model energy codes and are crucial to creating a building envelope capable of delivering excellent performance in any climate. With R-values ranging from R-10 to R-50 for cast-in-place, tilt-up or precast applications; Thermomass and Owens Corning can provide a solution for just about every situation. Getting the right Thermomass connector for the type of construction method is key. Thermomass System NC is the most widely used Thermomass connector and insulation system. Designed to create a non- composite insulated concrete sandwich wall, the system is unique in that it ties the two wythes or layers of concrete together yet allows the layers to work independently of one another. One layer is typically the structural element and the other is an architectural wythe. This independent behavior eliminates the thermal bowing present in structurally composite panels and provides a wall system that is not affected by significant temperature differentials between interior conditioned space and the outdoor environment. Thermomass System SC is designed to create a structurally-composite concrete sandwich wall in both plant precast and site-cast tilt-up applications. The system is unique in that it forces the two wythes or layers of concrete to act together structurally, creating a thinner panel. Thermomass System CIP is designed to create an integrally insulated cast-in-place concrete wall. The system is unique in that it allows a concrete contractor to integrate a layer of insulation into a vertically cast concrete wall using their traditional forming equipment and construction practices. System CIP utilized TL series connectors which not only tie the two layers of concrete together, but also act as a positioning device for the insulation. This allows the designer the flexibility to have varying thicknesses of concrete, both inside and out. Thermomass System MP is a patented insulation system designed for modular precast applications. Modular precast construction is truly unique in that it allows a designer or contractor to build a facility room by room with quality controlled concrete units. System MP is designed to be integrated into the exterior walls of the precast units.

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