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Section Overview Interior Furred Masonry Insulated Wall Systems CommercialComplete Wall System Owens Corning's CommercialComplete Wall Systems provide insulation solutions for the performance demands of interior furred masonry wall construction including energy efficiency, moisture management, indoor air quality, sustainability, and energy and building code compliance. Furred construction is a common method for insulating the interior side of masonry walls, especially single wythe walls, or multi-wythe walls that have an uninsulated cavity. Single wythe masonry walls that have no cavity that can be readily and efficiently insulated using FOAMULAR extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation and a gypsum board covering secured to the interior of the wall on wood or metal "furring strips." Single wythe masonry walls, without the drainage cavity of multi-wythe walls, rely on the "barrier concept" to prevent moisture entry through the exterior wall. Therefore it is important to protect the exterior side of the wall against moisture intrusion from the outside. Multi-wythe masonry walls usually called "cavity wall", typically contain XPS insulation in the cavity, between the masonry wythes, along with an air space that serves as a drainage cavity. FOAMULAR XPS Rigid Board Insulation FOAMULAR XPS furred wall insulation products include InsulPink insulation, a product slotted on its long edges to receive a 1x3 (nominal) wood furring strip insert or INSULPINK -Z insulation, a product cut to width to fit between metal Z-furring strips mounted vertically 24" o.c. FOAMULAR XPS insulation has a thermal resistance of R-5 per inch of thickness measured at 75F mean temperature and high resistance to water absorption. Metal Z-furring strips may create a "thermal short" that extends through the XPS insulation layer. A thermal short is an area of material, such as wood or steel, that has a significantly higher thermal conductivity (lower R-value) than the insulation. An area of thermal shorting conducts heat energy at a faster rate than does the insulation, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the furred wall insulation system. Thermal shorts can be avoided by using INSULPINK insulation so that the furring does not penetrate the insulation layer but rather it sits in a channeled slot on top of the insulation, maintaining a continuous insulation layer behind the furring strip. Sustainability Owens Corning is committed to driving sustainability through greening our operations, greening our products and accelerating energy efficiency in the built environment. Owens Corning FOAMULAR XPS products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified SM . FOAMULAR XPS is also third party certified to contain a minimum 20 percent recycled polystyrene content and is produced with Furred Interior Masonry Continuous Insulation Systems FOAMULAR INSULPINK -Z FOAMULAR INSULPINK

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