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1. Mechanical Attachment- Mechanical fasteners should be inset 2" in from edge of insulation. Rainscreen and cavity wall systems vary greatly from types of hangers and how they are installed. Contact Thermafiber Insolutions for further installation recommendations not addressed in this installation guide at 1-888-834-2371 or email technicalservice@owenscorning.com. 2. Moisture Absorption- absorbs less than 0.03% by volume when tested per ASTM C 1104. 3. Vapor/Air Barrier - Vapor retarder, air barriers and moisture control are elements that are essential to the proper design and construction of buildings. The need for and proper placement of the vapor/ air barrier and moisture control must be determined by a qualified professional engineer/architect knowledgeable of the climatic conditions both inside and outside, involved in the construction of each specific building. Penetrating the vapor/air barrier with mechanical insulation pins must be approved by the air/vapor barrier manufacturer. 4. Corrosion Resistance - RainBarrier Insulation is non-corrosive per ASTM C 665. 5. R-value - RainBarrier 45 & RainBarrier HD have an R-Value of 4.3/inch. R-value does not diminish over the life of the insulation. 6. UV Exposure - RainBarrier Insulation itself is UV resistant. Please note that packaging is not UV resistant and storing outside may cause packaging to deteriorate overtime. 7. Delivery and Storage of Materials - All materials delivered in their original packages and stored in an enclosed shelter providing protection from damage and exposure to the elements. Damaged or deteriorated materials shall be removed from the premises. 8. Cutting - Material cuts easily with a serrated knife. 9. PPE - Contact with mineral wool may cause temporary eye and skin irritation (mechanical). Wear eye protection and long-sleeved, loose fitting clothing closed at the neck and wrists while working with this product to avoid irritation. See Thermafiber Bonded MSDS for more information. 10. Sustainability - RainBarrier Insulation is available with a minimum recycled content of 70%, 1 verified by ICC-ES. One of the highest recycled contents available of any commercial insulation. Contributes to credits in several green building programs such as LEED and Green Globes . For additional information on green building programs visit OCBuildingSpec.com. Pub. No. 10021141 formally TF522. Printed in U.S.A. April 2016. 2016 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved. 2016 Thermafiber, Inc. All Rights Reserved. LEED is a registered trademark of U.S. Green Building Council. Green Globes is a registered trademark of Green Building Initiative, Inc. THERMAFIBER, INC. ONE OWENS CORNING PARKWAY TOLEDO, OHIO 43659 888-TFIBER1 [834-2371] www.thermafiber.com Good Design Principles

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