Division 7 Ebook Page 160 RainBarrier Insulation Guide

2 Thermafiber Impasse Hangers/ Insulation Panel RainBarrier 45 & RainBarrier HD Thickness Width* Length* 1" to 4" 16", 24" and 36" 48", 36" and 60" *Custom sizes available + Metal Cladding Applications + Open Face Architectural Panels Thermafiber RainBarrier Insulation is installed between the exterior gypsum wallboard and faade channels creating a friction fit. Additional pins can be mechanically attached to secure the RainBarrier Insulation panel. Thermafiber RainBarrier Installation Guide Thermafiber T RainBarrier 2" Z-Furring Channel Impasse Hanger Installation with Vertical Z-Furring Impasse Hanger Installation with Horizontal Z-Furring 2" Z-Furring 2 Channel Thermafiber T RainBarrier i Z-Furring/Thermafiber Impasse Hanger Installation Channel Installation

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