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PRODUCT DATA SHEET Thermafiber Impasse Hangers and Locking Washers Description Thermafiber Impasse Insulation Hangers and Locking Washers are designed to provide outstanding insulation security and support where mechanical attachment is a requirement. Impasse hangers save time over traditional insulation pins by reversing the order of installation. The patented design also requires less hangers than traditional pins. The reversed installation order allows users to insert the Impasse hangers directly into the insulation and then install the insulation panel directly into the opening. Traditional insulation pins require users to install the pins in the opening first and then force the insulation onto the pins. Perimeter Fire Containment Systems UL Approved Designs Per ASTM E 2307 CW-D-1014 CW-D-2039 CW-D-2051 CW-D-1015 CW-D-2040 CW-D-2052 CW-D-1016 CW-D-2041 CW-D-2055 CW-D-1017 CW-D-2046 CW-S-2058 CW-D-1020 CW-D-2047 CW-S-2059 CW-D-1021 CW-D-2048 CW-D-1022 CW-D-2049 For additional job specific details and accessory materials necessary to complete the Perimeter Fire Containment System, please refer to UL design listing. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Designs, Fire Resistance Directory, UL. 333 Pfingsten Road, Northbrook, IL 60062. See Owens Corning publication "Enclosure Solutions Perimeter Fire Containment System E2307 Curtain Wall Technical Bulletin" (Pub. No. 10020920) for more information. Installation 1 2 The Impasse hanger is impaled into the insulation. The forked leg provides quick, easy installation. The forked leg of the hanger provides a shelf-like ledge to support the insulation. 3 4 A locking washer is slid over the hanger to fit tightly against the insulation panel. The forks are bent in opposite directions. Availability Product Sizes* Impasse Vertical Hanger** 2" - 5" in " increments Impasse Horizontal Hanger** 2" - 5" in " increments Impasse Locking Washers 1 size *Custom sizes and designs are available upon request. ** Hanger Size = insulation thickness. Thermafiber Insolutions Thermafiber Insolutions offers industry leading technical and engineering assistance to architects, specifiers, and contractors. These services include CAD drawings, engineering judgments, LEED Credit Information, and product recommendations. Contact our technical services department at 1-888-834-2371 or email ThermafiberInsolutions@owenscorning.com.

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