Division 7 Ebook Page 123 EnergyComplete’ System: 2009 IECC Requirements for Air Sealing

402.4.2 Air Sealing and Insulation The Building Code options given by Section 402.4.2.1 or 402.4.2.2: from the installer of the insulation shall inspect the air barrier and insulation. 402.4.2.1 Testing Option: less than 7ACH50 The Impact Almost always requires that testing be done after the building is drywalled, making it crucial that you have complete confidence in the air sealing system chosen. The EnergyComplete System Solution In testing, homes using the EnergyComplete System consistently surpassed 7ACH50 requirement, providing confidence that homes constructed with the EnergyComplete System will meet testing requirements. 402.4.2.2 Visual Inspection Option The Impact Requires visible air sealing protection in a very wide range of areas, some of which may not be easily or efficiently reached with other approaches. The EnergyComplete System Solution The EnergyComplete air sealant provides a very visible and fast way to effectively seal all of the necessary areas, making field verification inspections quick and leaving no doubt as to if and how an area was adequately air sealed.

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