Division 7 Ebook Page 121 EnergyComplete’ System: 2009 IECC Requirements for Air Sealing

402.4.1 Building Thermal Envelope The Building Code The building thermal envelope shall be durably sealed to limit infiltration. The sealing methods between dissimilar materials shall allow for differential expansion and contraction. The following shall be caulked, gasketed, weatherstripped or otherwise sealed with an air barrier material, suitable film or solid material: The Impact May require new work steps that add time and cost to the insulation and air sealing installation process and The EnergyComplete System Solution Using the EnergyComplete System to fulfill the intent of section 402.4.1 allows for tolerance on the job site and the FYJCJMJUZUPBJSTFBMBOZQPUFOUJBMMFBLBHFQBUITPUIBUUIFTFBMMBTUTGPSUIFMJGFPGUIFCVJMEJOH

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