Division 7 Ebook Page 105 FlashSealR® Foam Flashing Tape Product Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet FlashSealR Foam Flashing Tape Description Owens Corning FlashSealR Foam Flashing Tape is a durable, flexible and tear- resistant self-adhering flashing tape recommended for use with FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Sheathing products in residential and commercial construction applications to seal around window and door openings. The aggressive, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive provides excellent adhesion to FOAMULAR 150 or 250 Insulation, FOAMULAR Insulated Sheathing, or FOAMULAR PRO PINK Sheathing and other common building substrates including OSB, plywood, vinyl and spunbonded polyolefin housewrap. FlashSealR Foam Flashing Tape helps provide effective protection against air infiltration and water penetration and can be applied over a wide range of temperatures. FlashSealR Foam Flashing Tape is self-adhering and cold applied. No special adhesives or primers are needed for most applications. For best adhesion, the tape should be applied over the foam sheathing at the time the sheathing is installed. Resistance to air intrusion enhances the thermal and moisture resistance of buildings by minimizing intrusion of unconditioned, moisture laden air into the wall assembly. Acting as a water resistive barrier, it provides a secondary layer of external moisture resistance behind the cladding to protect the building. Key Features Thin and flexible to seal around penetrations and uneven surfaces. Highly aggressive adhesive for long term adhesion to foam sheathing and other common building substrates. Meets the requirements of AAMA 711-07 and all applicable building codes. Can be applied at low temperatures, even down to 0F. Remains flexible and elastomeric, allowing it to move with the building components. Used in conjunction with FOAMULAR XPS and JointSealR Foam Joint Tape, FlashSealR Foam Flashing Tape provides all of your critical wall system performance qualities: Continuous Insulation Thermal Efficiency Reduces Air and Water Intrusion Seals around nails and staples to prevent moisture intrusion Compatible with many building sealants Split release liner for ease of installation Available in three widths: 4" (101.6 mm) 6" (152.4 mm) 9" (228.6 mm) x 90' (22.8 m) Product Applications Recommended for use in vertical wall applications. Recommended for sealing the joints around sills, jambs and heads of rectangular windows and doors adjacent to FOAMULAR 150 Insulation, FOAMULAR 250 Insulation, FOAMULAR Insulated Sheathing, or FOAMULAR PRO PINK Sheathing. Recommended for sealing around wall protrusions and interruptions. Technical Information Meets the minimum requirements for a Type A, Class 3 self adhering flashing tape when tested in accordance with AAMA 711-07, American Architectural Manufacturers Association Voluntary Specification for Self-Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration Products. Provides air permeance less than 0.02 liters per second per square meter at 75 Pascals when tested according to ASTM E2178.

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