Division 22 23 Ebook Page 78 FOAMULAR XPS Pipe Insulation Installation Guidelines

Pub No. APPE Insula Insulati I Insula Insulati 10013974-B. R NDIX A tion Syste on Details: Typical install Optional inst Overlap sectio nsulation thi tion Syste on Details: Mastic shall fitting is left ev. 6/2016 m - Valve ation should allation is to d on material e ckness aroun m - Vapor be sealed to t exposed. use fiberglas drill vent hole equal to or gre d the valve a Stop he pipe face a FOA Figure 1 ss filler in void es and fill voi eater than th nd packing g Figure 2 and lapped b MULAR In ds as shown. d with foam- e thickness land should b ack over the XPS Pip stallatio in-place polyu of the insulati be equal to th top of the va Page pe Insula n Guide urethane. on. he pipe insula apor retarder 9 of 24 ation lines tion. is the

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