Division 22 23 Ebook Page 75 FOAMULAR XPS Pipe Insulation Installation Guidelines

Pub No. 10013974-B. Rev. 6/2016 Page 6 of 24 FOAMULAR XPS Pipe Insulation Installation Guidelines 9. Contraction/expansion joints shall be installed per the MICA or IIRA Manual or approved alternate design. The appropriate designer or engineer must specify the spacing of contraction/expansion joints for each system. (Figure 9 & 14, Appendix A) 10. Allow mastics to dry before installing PVC or Metal Jacketing. 11. Seal around protrusions, such as valve stems with a full bead of silicone sealant. 12. XPS Insulation shall be protected from prolonged exposure to UV light and weather before and after installation. B. Outdoor General 1. Outdoor jacketing shall overlap a minimum of 2" at both butt and longitudinal joints. 2. Outdoor jacketing shall be positioned with the overlap facing downward at either the 3'oclock or 9'oclock position. 3. Bands shall be on a maximum 9" on center spacing. 4. End joints shall be secured with bands and seals directly over the joint. 5. Outdoor sections of jacketing and banding shall be installed in a workmanlike manner by skilled and experienced workers who are regularly engaged in chilled water or refrigeration insulation work. C. Single Layer Systems (Systems with insulation thickness 2- 1 / 2 " and less) Note: In addition to the specifications outlined in the General section above, the following specification shall be followed for single layer systems. 1. Stagger insulation half sections so that butt joints are staggered between top and bottom half sections by 6 to 18 inches on insulation layers that do not have a vapor retarder factory applied to them. Orient longitudinal joints between half sections in the 3 and 9 o'clock position on the pipe. (Figure 10, Appendix A) 2. Seal all joints full depth with joint sealant and spread to uniform thickness so that joints appear tight and uniform. (Figure 3, Appendix A) 3. Install an 18" length half round pipe section on bottom of all pipe hanger saddles with a full half round pipe section on the top to maintain a staggered joint through the pipe hanger saddle. (Figure 8, Appendix A) 4. Insulation and vapor retarder shall be secured with fiber reinforced tape. Use a circumferential overlap on 12" centers when installing insulation with factory applied facing. 5. Fiber tape shall be applied to the exterior of the insulation/vapor retarder system. 6. Vapor retarder should be oriented such that the longitudinal lap joint overlaps facing downward at either the 3 or 9 o'clock position. Lap joint shall be sealed using SSL tape as a temporary bond. (Figure 6, Appendix A) 7. On factory applied vapor retarder system, lap joint shall be sealed with SSL tape. (Figure 5, Appendix A) 8. Butt joints shall be covered with vapor retarder tape using the same 3 or 9 o'clock orientation as the longitudinal seam on the vapor barrier.

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