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Pub No. 10013974-B. Rev. 6/2016 Page 2 of 24 FOAMULAR XPS Pipe Insulation Installation Guidelines 2. National Commercial & Industrial Insulation Standards - MICA Sixth Edition a) PIPING - Section 4.2, Plate No. 1 through 9 b) VESSELS, TANKS AND EQUIPMENT - Section 4.5, Plates No. 25 through 35 c) REFRIGERATION AND EXTREME LOW TEMPERATURE INSULATION - Section 5.4, Plate No. 42 through 42 3. Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Handbook - IIAR 2000 1.03DEFINITIONS A. The term "rigid cellular plastics" as defined by the above specifications includes extruded polystyrene (XPS). 1.04 SYSTEM PERFORMANCE A. FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene Pipe Fabrication Billets are intended for use in industrial applications only. B. Insulation material thickness furnished should meet the design specifications required. Design considerations should include the thermal, condensation control, personnel protection, as well as other factors, needed for the specific application. C. Fire performance of products fabricated using FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene Pipe Fabrication Billets may vary in the field depending on facings and adhesives used in the fabrication process. Fabricators should be consulted if composite fire performance is required. 1.05 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Insulation materials and accessories furnished and installed hereunder, shall be accompanied by manufacturer's current submittal or data sheets showing compliance with applicable specifications listed in Section 1.02 above. B. Insulation materials, including all weather and vapor barrier materials, closures, hangers, supports, fitting covers, and other accessories, shall be furnished and installed in strict accordance with project drawings, plans, and specifications, C. Insulation materials and accessories shall be installed in a workmanlike manner by skilled and experienced workers who are regularly engaged in chilled water or refrigeration insulation work. 1.05DELIVERY AND STORAGE OF MATERIALS A. All of the insulation materials and accessories covered by this specification shall be delivered to the job site and stored in a safe, dry place with appropriate labels and/or product identification. B. The contractor shall use whatever means are necessary to protect the insulation materials and accessories before, during and after installation. No insulation material will be installed that has become damaged in any way. The contractor shall use all means necessary to protect work and materials installed by other trades. C. Insulation shall be free of moisture in any form prior to installation. D. Insulation materials stored outdoor must be in boxes or white plastic bags. No clear or dark colored bags shall be used to store insulation material outdoors.

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