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Pub No. 10013974-B. Rev. 6/2016 Page 1 of 24 FOAMULAR XPS Pipe Insulation Installation Guidelines This specification is offered as a guide to specifiers and installers and should be employed at the discretion of the user. The ultimate design and installation are the responsibility of the engineer or architect. Read the entire guideline before progressing with any actual installation work. Part 1.00 - General 1.01SCOPE A. The work covered by this specification consists of furnishing all labor, equipment, materials and accessories, and performing all operations required, for the correct fabrication and installation of thermal insulation applied to the following commercial piping systems, in accordance with applicable project specifications and drawings, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. Low Temperature Thermal Insulation 1. Cold or Chilled Water from 32F (0C) to 60F (15.6C) 2. Refrigeration from -70F (-56.7C) to 31F (-0.6C) B. This guideline is intended for use with pipe insulation fabricated from Owens Corning FOAMULAR XPS Pipe Fabrication Billets and shall not be used for the purpose of installing any other insulation. Note to Specifiers: The above temperature ranges are typical for these systems. However, if contract specifications call for service temperatures outside the above ranges, consult the manufacturer's published data to determine operating temperature limitations of the insulation product or products under consideration. 1.02REFERENCES A. Thermal insulation materials and accessories shall meet the property requirements of one or more of the following specifications as applicable to the specific product or end use: 1. American Society for Testing of Materials Specifications: a) ASTM B 209, "Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Sheet and Plate" b) ASTM C 272, "Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Core Materials for Structural Sandwich Constructions" c) ASTM C 450, "Standard Practice for Fabrication of Thermal Insulating Fitting Covers for NPS Piping, and Vessel Lagging" d) ASTM C 585, "Standard Practice for Inner and Outer Diameters of Thermal Insulation for Nominal Sizes of Pipe and Tubing " e) ASTM C 755, "Standard Practice for Selection of Water Vapor Retarders for Thermal Insulation" f) ASTM C 1136, "Standard Specification for Flexible, Low Permeance Vapor Retarders for Thermal Insulation" g) ASTM D 1621, "Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Cellular Plastics" h) ASTM D 2126, "Standard Test Method for Response of Rigid Cellular Plastics to Thermal and Humid Aging" i) ASTM E 96, "Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials"

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