Division 22 23 Ebook Page 35 Pipe and Mechanical Insulation Brochure

8 DESCRIPTION VaporWick pipe insulation is a heavy-density Fiberglas insulation surrounded by a vented, paper- free jacket. The heart of VaporWick insulation is a wicking material that transports condensed water to the outside of the system so it can evaporate. APPLICATION/USE Designed for pipes with operating temperatures from 32F (0C) to 220F (104C) where condensation or dripping are concerns. Chilled water lines Hot, humid operating environments Below-ambient-temperature applications New construction or retrofit jobs FEATURES & BENEFITS Wicking material keeps the insulation dry, minimizing loss in insulating capacity Can be installed directly on wet pipes, so you don't have to shut the system down SSL Max closure system was developed specifically to work with the jacket to provide a tight, reliable seal without glue or staples Good short-term bond, outstanding long-term bond as the acrylic adhesive "grows" on the jacket during the 48-hour wet out period 20-year limited warranty* * See actual warranty for details, limitations and requirements. VaporWick pipe insulation is an innovative product for below-ambient-temperature pipes that wicks moisture away from the pipe to keep the insulation dry. VaporWick Pipe Insulation Vapor Pipe Insulation SSL Max closure system Evaporation vents Wicking material Fiberglas insulation Paper-free jacket doesn't support mold or fungi VaporWick pipe insulation

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