Division 22 23 Ebook Page 255 Section 23 07 16 HVAC Equipment Insulation Guide Spec

HVAC EQUIPMENT INSULATION 23 07 16 - 3 HVAC Equipment Insulation 1. Industrial Blankets and Boards: Rigid, resin bonded fibrous glass with no facing or with a damage- resistant, flame retardant, reinforced aluminum foil (FRK) or poly encapsulated all-service jacket ASJ Max facing. 2. Owens Corning pipe insulation is not known to contain penta-, octa-, or deca-brominated diphenyl flame retardant substances, such as deca-Bromine (deca-BDE). B. Certifications: 1. Owens Corning 700 Series FIBERGLAS Insulation is certified by SCS Global Services to contain a minimum of 53% recycled glass content, 31% pre-consumer and 22% post-consumer (except Flexwrap ) 2. All Owens Corning pipe products are UL listed and labeled (except Flexwrap Insulation and Pipe and Tank Insulation) C. HVAC Equipment Insulation: Comply with ASTM C553, ASTM C612, or ASTM C1393 for sizes required in the particular system, of a type suitable for installation on equipment systems indicated. Provide the following: Note to Specifier: Select from the following insulation types, based on systems operating temperature requirements: 1. For indoor systems operating at temperatures from 0F (-18C) to +450F (230C): a. Owens Corning 700 Series FIBERGLAS TM Insulation, in semi-rigid or rigid board form, unfaced or with ASJ Max or FRK facing. 2. For systems operating at temperatures to +650F (340C) where moderate abuse resistance is required: a. Owens Corning FIBERGLAS TM Pipe and Tank Insulation with end grain factory-applied ASJ Max. 3. For systems operating at temperatures to +850F (450C) and always above the ambient temperature: a. Owens Corning Insul-Quick FIBERGLAS TM Insulation, rated for maximum operating temperature of 850F (450C) may be installed using appropriate fastening systems and then covered with metal jacketing or otherwise jacketed and/or finished in accordance with details shown. b. Owens Corning Flexwrap Pipe and Tank Wrap. 4. For systems operating at temperatures up to +1000F (540C) and always above the ambient temperature: a. Owens Corning FIBERGLAS TM TIW Insulation Types I & II, installed directly on heated flat and curved surfaces by attaching with welded pins or studs and finished with sheet metal or metal mesh and insulating cement, then canvassed and painted. D. Insulate equipment located outdoors and exposed to the weather as indicated above except the thickness shall be determined according to the worst weather extremes expected. The insulation shall then be protected with one of the following weatherproof finishes as indicated on Contract Documents: 1. Metal Jacketing: 0.016 in (0.4 mm) minimum aluminum or stainless steel with moisture barrier, secured in accordance with the jacket manufacturer's recommendations. Lap joints to shed water and seal joints completely. 2. If required, score boards to allow them to conform to curved and irregular surfaces. 3. Mechanical fasteners to hold insulation to surfaces with bands as required to conform to curved or irregular surfaces. 4. Support rings to support the top head insulation where required. 5. Outdoor installations require a weather resistant barrier for protection of the insulation material.

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