Division 22 23 Ebook Page 246 Section 23 07 13 Duct Insulation-QuietR Textile-Rotary Duct Liner and Duct Liner Board Guide Spec

DUCT INSULATION 23 07 13 - 4 Duct Insulation - QuietZone Spiral Duct Liner 3.5 PROTECTION A. Replace damaged insulation, which cannot be satisfactorily repaired, including insulation with duct liner damage and moisture-saturated insulation. B. The insulation contractor shall advise the general and/or the mechanical contractor as to requirements for protection of the insulation work during the remainder of the construction period, to avoid damage and deterioration of the finished insulation work. END OF SECTION Pub. No. 10019396. 2016 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved.

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