Division 22 23 Ebook Page 242 Section 23 07 13 Duct Insulation-SoftRŽ Duct Wrap FRK

DUCT INSULATION 23 07 13 - 4 Duct Insulation - SOFTR Duct Wrap FRK E. Seal seams and joints with pressure-sensitive tape matching the insulation facing (either plain foil or FRK backing stock) or glass fabric and mastic. Tightly butt adjacent sections of duct wrap with the 2 in (50mm) tape flap overlapping. 1. Do not use cloth duct tape of any color or finish, using reclaimed rubber adhesives on duct wrap insulation. 2. Do not use adhesive to prevent insulation sagging. F. Where rectangular ducts are 24 in (600mm) in width or greater, also secure duct wrap insulation to the bottom of the duct with mechanical fasteners such as pins and speed clip washers, spaced on 18 in (425mm) centers (maximum) to prevent sagging of insulation. G. Where a vapor retarder is required, seal tears, punctures and other penetrations of the duct wrap facing using one of the above methods to provide a vapor tight system. 3.5 FIELD QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Upon completion of insulation work and before operation is to commence, visually inspect the work and verify that it has been correctly installed. B. Open all system dampers and turn on fans to blow all scraps and other loose pieces of material out of the duct system. Allow for a means of removal of such material. C. Check the duct system to ensure that there are no air leaks through joints. 3.6 PROTECTION A. Replace damaged insulation, which cannot be satisfactorily repaired, including insulation with duct wrap damage and moisture-saturated insulation. B. The insulation contractor shall advise the general and/or the mechanical contractor as to requirements for protection of the insulation work during the remainder of the construction period, to avoid damage and deterioration of the finished insulation work. END OF SECTION

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