Division 22 23 Ebook Page 232 Section 23 07 13 Duct Insulation-QuietR® Textile/Rotary Duct Liner & Duct Liner Board

DUCT INSULATION 23 07 13 - 3 Duct Insulation - QuietR Textile/Rotary Duct Liner & Duct Liner Board E. Duct Liner Board: For service at internal air velocities not to exceed 6,000 fpm (30.5 m/s), provide the following: 1. Acceptable Product: Owens Corning TM QuietR Duct Liner Board. a. 3.0 pcf (48 kg/m3) density: 1 in, 1-1/2 in, or 2 in (25 mm, 38mm, or 51mm) thick. 2.3 ACCESSORY MATERIALS A. Accessories: Provide accessories per duct insulation system manufacturers recommendations, including the following: 1. Adhesives For Indoor Applications: VOC content of 50 g/L or less when calculated according to 40 CFR 59, Subpart D (EPA Method 24). 2. Fasteners. 2.4 FABRICATION A. Fabricate duct insulation and liner board products with a black pigmented coating on the airstream side, to resist damage during installation and in service. Factory coat edges with the same coating, to comply with SMACNA HVAC DCS. PART 3 - EXECUTION 3.1 EXAMINATION A. Verify that materials and accessories can be installed in accordance with Contract Documents and material manufacturers' recommendations. B. Verify, by inspecting product labeling, submittal data, and/or certifications which may accompany the shipments, that materials and accessories to be installed on the project comply with applicable specifications and standards and meet specified thermal and physical properties. C. Before starting work under this section, carefully inspect the site and installed work of other trades and verify that such work is complete to the point where installation of materials and accessories under this section can begin. 3.2 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS A. Insulation contractor's employees shall be properly protected during installation of insulation. Protection shall include proper attire when handling and applying insulation materials, and shall include, but not be limited to, disposable dust respirators, gloves, hard hats, and eye protection. 3.3 INSTALLATION A. Completely cover duct designated to receive duct liner. Neatly butt transverse joints without interruptions or gaps. Install the black pigmented surface of the duct liner facing the airstream. B. Complying with requirements of ASTM C916, adhere duct liner to the sheet metal with 90% coverage of adhesive.

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