Division 22 23 Ebook Page 230 Section 22 07 19 HVAC Piping Insulation-Fiberglas Insulation Guide Spec

D. E. 2.3 A. B. C. 2.4 A. 1. For in sched a. 2. For sy 3. For sy above a. 4. For sy a. Perpendicular 1. For pi (454C a. Perpendicular 1. For pi (343C a. FIELD-APPLI General: Fiel 1. At Bel 2. At Abo PVC Jackets: 1. Accept Aluminum Ja moisture barri 1. Accept ACCESSORY Accessories: following: 1. Closur tapes. a. 2. Field- PVC fit 3. Suppo door systems o ule: Owens Cornin stems operating stems operatin the ambient tem Owens Cornin stems operating Owens Cornin Pipe Insulation Oriented Mine ping equal to or C): Owens Cornin Oriented Mine ping equal to or C): Owens Cornin ED JACKETS d-applied jacke ow-Ambient Te ve-Ambient Te ASTM D1784 able Manufactu ckets: ASTM C er factory-heat- able Manufactu MATERIALS Provide acces e Materials: Bu Mold resistant Applied Jacketin tting covers. rt Materials: H HVAC PIP 22 operating at te ng SSL II with g at temperatu ng at tempera mperature: ng No Wrap P g below ambie ng VaporWick n) eral Fiber Insula r larger than 10 ng Flexwrap F eral Fiber Insula r larger than 10 ng FIBERGLA ets shall comply mperatures: Ty emperatures: Ty , Class 16354- urer: Proto Co C1729, Class -laminated to th urer: ITW Insu ssories per ins utt strips, band mastics are re ng Materials: S anger straps, h PING INSUL 2 07 19 - 4 mperatures fr h ASJ Max FI res up to +85 tures to +100 ipe Insulation. nt (32F (0C) k Pipe Insulat ation: ASTM C 0 in (250 mm) FIBERGLAS ation: ASTM C 0 in (250 mm) AS Pipe and y with ASTM C ype I. ype II, where a C; 0.020 in thi orp., Clearwate A, 0.016 in th he interior sur ulation Systems ulating syste ds, wires, sta ecommended f Sheet metal, pl hanger rods, s ATION HVAC FIBER om 0F (-18C BERGLAS Pi 0F (232C), n 0F (538C) w to +65F (18 tion. (see HV 1393, Type III diameter oper Insulation. 1393, Type II, diameter oper Tank Insulatio C1136; Type I o a vapor barrier ck PVC jacketi r, FL 33762; w hick aluminum face. s, Houston, TX m manufacture ples, mastics, or chilled wate lastic, canvas, addles, suppo Piping I GLAS ) to +1000F ( pe Insulation. o heat up-sched with heat-up s C)) temperature AC Piping Insu B, Category 2: ating at tempe Category 1: ating at tempe n. or Type II. is not required ng and fitting c ww.protocorpo jacket with 3 X 77022; www.i r's recommend adhesives, an r applications. fiberglass clot rt rings, and hig nsulatio Insulati (538C) with h dule required. chedule and a e: ulation - Vapor ratures up to + . covers. oration.com mil thick poly twinsulation.co dations, includi nd pressure-se th, insulating ce gh density inse on- on eat-up always rWick +850F +650F ysurlyn om ng the nsitive ement, rts.

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