Division 22 23 Ebook Page 229 Section 22 07 19 HVAC Piping Insulation-Fiberglas Insulation Guide Spec

1.7 A. 1.8 A. B. C. PART 2 - 2.1 A. 2.2 A. B. C. QUALITY AS Installer Quali install manufa DELIVERY A Delivery: Deli Storage: Stor location. Prot Do not install i 1. An ex insulati operati compl assista PRODUCTS MANUFACT Owens Cornin INSULATION General: 1. Produ 2. Owens flame r 3. Insulat to AST Certifications: 1. Only Indoor 2. Owens recycl 3. Owens and Ta 4. No Wr Vapor Bronz 5. These Molded Fibro and ASTM C One of the foll SURANCE fications: A qu cturer's produc ND STORAGE ver materials in e and protect p ect insulation m nsulation that h ception may b on when fully ng temperatur etely dry insul nce. URER g Insulating Sy MATERIALS cts shall not con Corning pipe etardant subst ion materials fo M C795. Owens Corning Air Quality Cer Corning pipe ed glass conten Corning pipe nk Insulation). ap FIBERGLA Wick , Evolutio e Level Materia products Envir us Glass Pipe I 585, for sizes r owing types sh HVAC PIP 22 ualified installer cts. OF MATERIA n manufacturer products in acc materials from m has been dama be allowed in dried out (eithe res) will provid lation. In su ystems, LLC, T ntain asbestos e insulation is n ances, such as or use on aust SSL II with rtified and GR e products are nt, 31% pre-con e products are AS Pipe Insu on, ASJ) hav l Health Certific ronmental Prod nsulation: Com required and o hall be used: PING INSUL 2 07 19 - 3 r who has bee ALS r's original pac cordance with moisture and aged or wet. cases where er before inst e installed pe ch cases, con Toledo, OH 43 , lead, mercury not known to s deca-Bromin tenitic stainles ASJ Max an REENGUARD certified by S nsumer and 2 e UL listed an lation and Ja ve received th cate. duct Declaration mply with AST f a type suita ATION HVAC FIBER n trained by a kaging. manufacturer' soiling. Remove it from the contractor allation or afte rformance tha nsult the ins 659; www.ow y, or mercury contain penta-, e (deca-BDE). s steel shall be d VaporWick Gold Certified . CS Global Serv 2% post-consu d labeled (exc cketed FIBER e Cradle to Cra n (EPD) has b M C547, Type ble for installati Piping I GLAS nd is acceptabl s instructions. S jobsite. r is able to de rward following t is equivalent ulation manufa enscorning.com compounds. octa, or deca- e qualified as a pipe products vices to contain mer (except Fle ept Flexwrap GLAS Pipe I adle Products een certified by I, Grade A; an ion on piping s nsulatio Insulati le to manufactu Store in a dry in emonstrate tha exposure to s in respects to acturer for tec m. -brominated dip acceptable acc are GREENG n a minimum o exwrap Insula Insulation and nsulation (ASJ Innovation Ins y UL Environm nd Type IV, Gra systems as req on- on urer to ndoors at wet system o new, chnical phenyl cording UARD of 53% ation). d Pipe J Max, titute's ent. ade B; quired.

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