Division 22 23 Ebook Page 227 Section 22 07 19 HVAC Piping Insulation-Fiberglas Insulation Guide Spec

PROJECT professiona complete b edited, or o determine if panies, ass and all liabil tion related SECTI HVAC PART 1 - 1.1 A. Note to S call for s operating B. 1.2 A. ENGINEER RE ls, in conjunctio uilding specificati mitted based on a product or sy ume any respon ity for any errors details, whether ON 22 0 PIPING I GENERAL SUMMARY Section Includ pecifier: The f ervice tempera temperature li 1. Cold P 2. Dual Te 3. Heatin 4. Dome Items Not Ins 1. Draina 2. Under 3. Chrom REFERENCE Materials shal to the specific 1. Ameri a. b. c. d. SPONSIBILITY: T n with good const on that is to be f the requirements stem is suitable fo s bility for the con or omissions in based upon the 7 19 NSULATI es: Provide th ollowing temper tures outside mitations of the iping Systems emperature Sy g Systems (ste stic and Service ulated: Unless o ge piping locate ground piping. e-plated pipes S l meet the prop product or end can Society for ASTM C547, S ASTM C585, for Nominal Si ASTM C795, Austenitic Stai ASTM C921, Thermal Insula HVAC PIP 22 This is a general truction practice ully reviewed an s of a specific pro or its intended us ntent of this spec design, detail, st information prov ION e following: rature ranges a the ranges lis insulation prod (chilled water, ystems, 32F (0 eam, steam con e Hot Water Sy otherwise indic ed in crawl spa and fittings un perty requireme d use: Testing of Mat Standard Spec Standard Prac zes of Pipe an Standard Sp inless Steel. Standard Prac ation. PING INSUL 2 07 19 - 1 specification g and profession d edited by the e oject. It is the r se. Neither Owe cification guide re tructural capabili vided by Owens are typical for sted, consult duct or product brine, refriger 0C) to 220F ( ndensate, hot w ystems, ambie cated, do not i aces. less there is a ents of one or terials (ASTM): cification for Mi ctice for Inner d Tubing (NP pecification for ctice for Dete ATION HVAC FIBER uide, intended to al judgment. This engineer. Sectio esponsibility of bo ens Corning, nor elative to actual p ty, attachment d Corning or other these system the manufactu ts under consi ant), 32F (0 (104C). water), ambien nt up to 180F nstall insulatio potential for p more of the fo : neral Fiber Pi and Outer Dia S System). r Thermal In rmining the Pro Piping I GLAS be used by expe s guide is to aid i ons of this guide s oth the specifier any of its subsid projects and spe etails, shop draw wise. s. However, if rer's published deration. C) to 65F (18C t up to 450F ( (82C). n on the followin ersonnel injury llowing specific pe Insulation. meters of Rigid sulation for U operties of Jac nsulatio Insulati erienced constru in the creation of should be includ and the purchas diary or affiliated ecifically disclaim wings or other co project require d data to dete C). 232C). ng: y. cations as app d Thermal Insu Use in Contac cketing Materi on- on ction f a ed, er to com- m any onstruc- ements ermine licable ulation ct with als for

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