Division 22 23 Ebook Page 226 Section 22 07 19 Plumbing Piping Insulation-Fiberglas Insulation Guide Spec

D. E. F. G. 3.5 A. 3.6 A. B. Pub No 10 2016 O Penetrations: penetrations, Joints: Butt temperature i sealing laps b 1. Taper Vertical Pipin exposed verti 0.016 in thick Accessory M Contractors A FIELD QUALI Upon complet This may be protect insulat PROTECTIO Replace dam damage and The insulatio protection of deterioration 019403-A wens Corning. Extend piping except where o pipe insulatio s over 400F (2 y firmly rubbing and seal pipe in g: Protect vert cal piping with (0.4 mm) alum aterials (Midwe ssociation (MIC TY ASSURAN ion of insulatio done while wor ion materials d N aged insulation moisture-satura n contractor sh the insulation w of the finished in All Rights Rese PLUMBING P 22 g insulation w otherwise spec on against ha 204C) double g down surface nsulation ends tical piping to a in the building inum. est): Install in c CA) "Commerc NCE n work, visuall rk is in progres during installatio , which cannot ated insulation. all advise the work during th nsulation work END erved. PIPING INSU 2 07 19 - 6 Plu without interru ified. nger inserts. layer. Seal ja e of tape and fl , regardless of a height of 8 g and insulate conformance w ial & Industrial y inspect the ss, to assure co on. t be satisfactori general and th he remainder o . D OF SECTIO ULATION mbing FIBER ption through For hot pipe acketing accor ap. f service. ft -0 in (2.4 m d piping expos with the curre Insulation Sta work and verif ompliance wit ily repaired, in he mechanica of the constru N Piping In GLAS walls, floors s, stagger joi ding to type be ) above the flo sed to the out nt edition of the ndards." y that it has bee h requirements cluding insulati l contractor as ction period, to nsulatio Insulati and similar nts when ope eing used. Sea oor. Jacket insu tdoors with min e Midwest Insu en correctly ins s herein to cov ion with vapor s to requireme o avoid damag n - on piping erating al self- ulated, nimum ulation stalled. er and barrier nts for ge and

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