Division 22 23 Ebook Page 225 Section 22 07 19 Plumbing Piping Insulation-Fiberglas Insulation Guide Spec

3.3 A. 3.4 A. B. C. SAFETY PRE Insulation con shall include limited to, dis INSTALLATI General: Inst manufacturer' 1. Install i 2. Install with fu scraps surfac 3. Mainta agains compa 4. On col barrier barrier provid NAIMA PIPE IN 5. When Support pipin Provide hang evaporating h 1. Piping suppor 2. For ho than + fibergl 3. At verti Fittings: 1. Cover a. b. c. 2. Seal fit 3. Use sta CAUTIONS tractor's emplo proper attire w posable dust re ON all insulation s published ins nsulation on pi insulation mate ll-length units o abutting each es. in the integrity t puncture, tea tible with ASJ M d systems, se mastic. Coat integrity. Mas e isolation of w A GUIDE TO IN NSULATION 3 multiple layers g so that the er spacing so oles with sealin systems 3 in ( ted by placing t or cold piping 200F (93C) ass with sufficie cal runs, provid valves, fittings, Mitered sectio straight pipe ru Insulation cem PVC Fitting C insulation. ting joints with andard oversiz PLUMBING P 22 oyees shall be hen handling a spirators, glove materials and structions to en iping subseque erials with smo of insulation, w h other. Butt in y of factory-ap ars or other d Max facing. St eal penetrations staples used o stic pipe sectio water incursion. NSULATING C 33F to 60F (0 are required, a insulation is n that the circu ng tape for the (75 mm) in dia saddles of the systems large and insulated ent compressiv de insulation s and similar ite ons of insulatio uns. ment, equal in th overs insulated vapor retarder ing practices fo PIPING INSU 2 07 19 - 5 Plu properly prot and applying in es, hard hats, accessories sure that it will ent to painting a ooth and even with single cut nsulation joint plied vapor r damage. Se tapling is not re s of the ASJ on cold pipe i on ends at ev For complete CHILLED WA 0.5C to 15.6 all inner layer( not compromi mferential join length of the meter or less, proper length er than 3 in (7 with fiberglas ve strength to s upport rings, a ems in each pip on equivalent i hickness to th d with material r sealing tapes or valves and fl ULATION mbing FIBER ected during i nsulation mat and eye protec in accordan serve its inte and acceptan surfaces. Ins piece to com s firmly to en etarder jacketin al circumferen equired to com Max and exp nsulation with ery fourth pipe recommende TER PIPING C) (PUB. No. s) shall be No sed by the ha nt may be ma metal saddle. insulated wit and spacing u 5 mm) in diam s, provide inse support the we s indicated on ping system u n thickness a e adjoining ins l equal in thic or mastics. langes. Piping In GLAS nstallation of in erials, and shal ction. ce with Contra nded purpose. ce tests. ulate each cont plete run. Do n sure complete, ng on pipe ins tial joints with plete the closu osed ends of i suitable seala section joint a d instructions o SYSTEMS WIT C1228 dated 6/1 Wrap. nger or the ef de outside the h fiberglass pip nder the insula eter, operating erts such as f ight of the pipin Drawings. sing one of the nd composition ulation. kness and com nsulatio Insulati nsulation. Prot ll include, but act Document tinuous run of not use cut pie tight fit over sulation, protec butt strips th ure. nsulation with nt to maintain and at each fit on installation c TH MINERAL F 15). ffects of the h e hanger. Cov pe insulation, m ation. at temperature foam or high-d ng system. following: n to that instal mposition to adj n - on tection not be ts and piping eces or piping cting it at are vapor tting to consult FIBER anger. ver the may be es less density led on joining

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