Division 22 23 Ebook Page 224 Section 22 07 19 Plumbing Piping Insulation-Fiberglas Insulation Guide Spec

E. 2.3 A. B. PART 3 - 3.1 A. B. C. 3.2 A. B. C. 1. For pi (454C a. Perpendicular 1. For pi (343C a. ACCESSOR Accessories: following: 1. Closur tapes. a. 2. Field- PVC fit 3. Suppo Adhesives F 40 CFR 59, S EXECUTION EXAMINATIO Verify that m material manu Verify, by ins shipments, th specifications Before startin verify that su section can b PREPARATI Ensure that s Ensure that i weather barri installation. Ensure that p ping equal to or C): Owens Cornin Oriented Mine ping equal to or C): Owens Cornin Y MATERIALS Provide access e Materials: B Mold resistant Applied Jacketin tting covers. rt Materials: H or Indoor App ubpart D (EPA N aterials and a facturers' reco pecting produc hat materials and standards g work under t ch work is com egin. ON urfaces over wh nsulation is cl ers intact and ressure testing PLUMBING P 22 r larger than 10 ng Flexwrap F eral Fiber Insula r larger than 10 ng FIBERGLA sories per insu Butt strips, ban mastics are re ng Materials: S anger straps, h lications: VO Method 24). accessories ca mmendations. ct labeling, su and accessor and meet spe this section, ca mplete to the p hich insulation ean, dry, and undamaged. W of piping and f PIPING INSU 2 07 19 - 4 Plu 0 in (250 mm) FIBERGLAS ation: ASTM C 0 in (250 mm) AS Pipe and ulating system nds, wires, sta ecommended f Sheet metal, pl hanger rods, s OC content o an be installe ubmittal data, a ries to be ins cified thermal arefully inspec oint where ins is to be install in good me Wet, dirty, or fittings has bee ULATION mbing FIBER diameter oper Insulation. 1393, Type II, diameter oper Tank Insulatio manufacturer ples, mastics, or chilled wate lastic, canvas, addles, suppo f 50 g/L or le d in accordan and/or certific stalled on th and physical pr ct the site and stallation of m ed are clean a chanical condi damaged insu en completed p Piping In GLAS ating at tempe Category 1: ating at tempe n. 's recommend adhesives, an r applications. fiberglass clot rt rings, and hig ss when calc ce with Contr ations which m e project com roperties. installed work aterials and ac nd dry. tion with facto ulation shall no prior to installing nsulatio Insulati ratures up to + dations, includin nd pressure-se th, insulating ce gh density inse culated accord ract Document may accompan mply with app k of other trade ccessories und ory-applied va ot be acceptab g insulation. n - on +850F +650F ng the nsitive ement, rts. ing to ts and ny the plicable es and er this por or ble for

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