Division 22 23 Ebook Page 222 Section 22 07 19 Plumbing Piping Insulation-Fiberglas Insulation Guide Spec

1.3 A. 1.4 A. 1.5 A. B. 1.6 A. B. C. 1.7 A. B. C. 2. Underw a. 3. Nation a. b. DEFINITION The term "min or slag proces SYSTEM PE Insulation mat American Soc Efficient Desig protection are factor. ADMINISTR Coordination: Division 22 S 1. Coordi 2. Coordi Scheduling: installing and SUBMITTAL Product Data: instructions, f 1. For ad Shop Drawing 1. Detail a Sustainable D DELIVERY A Delivery: Deli Storage: Stor location. Prot Do not install i writers Laborato UL 723, Test f al Fire Protectio NFPA 90A, St NFPA 90B, St S eral fiber" as d sed from a mo RFORMANCE erials furnished iety of Heating gn of New Buil to be conside ATIVE REQUIR Coordinate s ection "Hangers nate clearance nate installation Schedule insula testing heat tra S Submit produ or each type of hesives and se s: application of p esign Submitta ND STORAGE ver materials in e and protect p ect insulation m nsulation that h PLUMBING P 22 ories (UL) for Surface Bur on Association andard for the efined by the a lten state, with d and installed , Refrigeration dings." Howe ered, the select REMENTS size and locat s and Supports e requirements n and testing o ation applicatio acing. uct characterist product indica ealants, submit protective shield als: Submit ma OF MATERIA n manufacturer products in acc materials from m has been dama PIPING INSU 2 07 19 - 2 Plu rning Charact (NFPA): Installation of above specific or without bin hereunder sh , and Air Cond ver, if other fa tion of the thi tion of suppo s of Plumbing with piping in of heat tracing. on after press tics, performa ted. documentatio ds, saddles, an anufacturer's s ALS r's original pac cordance with moisture and aged or wet. ULATION mbing FIBER ristics of Build Air-Conditioni Warm Air Heat ations includes der. ould meet the m itioning Engin actors such as ckness of insu rts, hangers, a Piping and Eq staller for pipin sure testing s nce criteria, a n including pri nd inserts at ha ustainable des kaging. manufacturer' soiling. Remove it from Piping In GLAS ing Materials. ng and Ventilat ting and Air-Co fibers manufa minimum thickn eers ASHRAE condensation lation should s and insulation uipment." g insulation app ystems and, w nd limitations, nted statement angers. ign certification s instructions. S jobsite. nsulatio Insulati ing Systems. onditioning Sys ctured of glass ness requireme 90.1 (2010), "E control or pers satisfy the cont shields specif plication. where required including insta t of VOC conte ns as specified Store in a dry in n - on stems. s, rock, ents of Energy sonnel trolling fied in d, after allation nt. . ndoors

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