Division 22 23 Ebook Page 221 Section 22 07 19 Plumbing Piping Insulation-Fiberglas Insulation Guide Spec

PROJECT professiona complete b edited, or o determine if panies, ass and all liabil tion related SECTI PLUM PART 1 - 1.1 A. Note to S call for s operating B. 1.2 A. ENGINEER RE ls, in conjunctio uilding specificati mitted based on a product or sy ume any respon ity for any errors details, whether ON 22 0 BING PI GENERAL SUMMARY Section Includ pecifier: The f ervice tempera temperature li 1. Cold P 2. Dual Te 3. Heatin 4. Dome Items Not Ins 1. Draina 2. Under 3. Chrom REFERENCE Materials shal to the specific 1. Ameri a. b. c. d. e. f. SPONSIBILITY: T n with good const on that is to be f the requirements stem is suitable fo s bility for the con or omissions in based upon the 7 19 PING INSU es: Provide th ollowing temper tures outside mitations of the iping Systems emperature Sy g Systems (ste stic and Service ulated: Unless o ge piping locate ground piping. e-plated pipes S l meet the prop product or end can Society for ASTM C547, S ASTM C585, for Nominal Si ASTM C795, Austenitic Stai ASTM C1338 Materials and ASTM C1393, Sheet Therma ASTM E84, St PLUMBING P 22 This is a general truction practice ully reviewed an s of a specific pro or its intended us ntent of this spec design, detail, st information prov ULATION e following: rature ranges a the ranges lis insulation prod (chilled water, ystems, 32F (0 eam, steam con e Hot Water Sy otherwise indic ed in crawl spa and fittings un perty requireme d use: Testing of Mat Standard Spec Standard Prac zes of Pipe an Standard Sp inless Steel. , Standard Te Facings. , Standard Sp al Insulation for tandard Test M PIPING INSU 2 07 19 - 1 Plu specification g and profession d edited by the e oject. It is the r se. Neither Owe cification guide re tructural capabili vided by Owens N are typical for sted, consult duct or product brine, refriger 0C) to 220F ( ndensate, hot w ystems, ambie cated, do not i aces. less there is a ents of one or terials (ASTM): cification for Mi ctice for Inner d Tubing (NP pecification for st method for ecification for Pipes and Tan Method for Surf ULATION mbing FIBER uide, intended to al judgment. This engineer. Sectio esponsibility of bo ens Corning, nor elative to actual p ty, attachment d Corning or other these system the manufactu ts under consi ant), 32F (0 (104C). water), ambien nt up to 180F nstall insulatio potential for p more of the fo : neral Fiber Pi and Outer Dia S System). r Thermal In Determining t Perpendicularl nks. ace Burning Ch Piping In GLAS be used by expe s guide is to aid i ons of this guide s oth the specifier any of its subsid projects and spe etails, shop draw wise. s. However, if rer's published deration. C) to 65F (18C t up to 450F ( (82C). n on the followin ersonnel injury llowing specific pe Insulation. meters of Rigid sulation for U the Fungi Res ly Oriented Mi haracteristics o nsulatio Insulati erienced constru in the creation of should be includ and the purchas diary or affiliated ecifically disclaim wings or other co project require d data to dete C). 232C). ng: y. cations as app d Thermal Insu Use in Contac istance of Insu neral Fiber Ro of Building Mat n - on ction f a ed, er to com- m any onstruc- ements ermine licable ulation ct with ulation oll and terials.

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