Division 22 23 Ebook Page 213 Section 22 07 19 Plumbing Piping Insulation-Fiberglasí Insulation

PLUMBING PIPING INSULATION 22 07 19 - 6 Plumbing Piping Insulation - FIBERGLAS Insulation G. Accessory Materials (Midwest): Install in conformance with the current edition of the Midwest Insulation Contractors Association (MICA) "Commercial & Industrial Insulation Standards." 3.5 FIELD QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Upon completion of insulation work, visually inspect the work and verify that it has been correctly installed. This may be done while work is in progress, to assure compliance with requirements herein to cover and protect insulation materials during installation. 3.6 PROTECTION A. Replace damaged insulation, which cannot be satisfactorily repaired, including insulation with vapor barrier damage and moisture-saturated insulation. B. The insulation contractor shall advise the general and the mechanical contractor as to requirements for protection of the insulation work during the remainder of the construction period, to avoid damage and deterioration of the finished insulation work. END OF SECTION Pub No 10019403-A 2015 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved.

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