Division 22 23 Ebook Page 205 Owens Corning Energy Star Homes Product Guide

(sect. 5.2) and other openings (sect. 5.3) HVAC SYSTEM QUALITY INSTALLATION Section 3 Duct Insulation 3.2 Supply ducts in unconditioned attics shall have insulation >/= R-8': (prescriptive path), >/= R6 (performance path) 3.3 All other ducts in unconditioned space shall have insulation >/= R-6 Flexible Duct with EcoTouch Insulation, QuietR Duct Board and duct wrap products meet all requirements for insulated ductwork. HVAC SYSTEM QUALITY INSTALLATION Section 4 Duct Leakage 4.1 Total duct leakage 2ft up roof deck from interior plane of the exterior wall WeatherLock Flex Flexible Self-Sealing Ice & Water Barrier; WeatherLock Specialty Tile & Metal underlayment and the full line of WeatherLock products, other ROOFING ESSENTIALS accessory products

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