Division 22 23 Ebook Page 204 Owens Corning Energy Star Homes Product Guide

CHECKLIST ENERGY STAR REQUIREMENT OWENS CORNING PRODUCT NATIONAL REQUIREMENT Infiltration rates shall be less than or equal to the following values: ACH 50 Climate Zone 6 1,2 5 3,4 4 5,6,7 3 8 EnergyComplete System with Flexible Seal Technology THERMAL ENCLOSURE SYSTEM Section 2 Quality Installed Insulation 2.1 Ceiling, wall, floor, and slab insulation levels shall meet or exceed 2009 IECC levels 2.2 All ceiling, wall, floor, and slab insulation shall achieve RESNET-defined Grade I installation or, alternatively, Grade II for surfaces with insulated sheathing Owens Corning insulating products provide a range of R-values and applications to meet & exceed all code and Energy Star requirements. EcoTouch attic, walls and floor insulation, L77, PRO PINK Complete or AttiCat blown in fiberglass insulation EnergyComplete System with Flexible Seal Technology FOAMULAR rigid exterior wall insulation PINK WRAP housewrap Grade I installation tool for batts. THERMAL ENCLOSURE SYSTEM Section 3 Fully-Aligned Air Barriers: Complete air barrier provided Use of tabbed baffle in attic eaves to prevent windwashing EnergyComplete System with Flexible Seal Technology raft-R-mate Attic Rafter Vents THERMAL ENCLOSURE SYSTEM Section 4 Reduced Thermal Bridging 4.1 Uncompressed insulation in attic extends to inside face of exterior wall below: Climate Zone 1 - 5 >/= R21 Climate Zone 6 - 8 >/= R30 4.2 Slab on grade in Climate Zone 4+, 100% of slab edge >/= R-5 4.4.1 Reduced thermal bridging at above- grade walls through the use of continuous rigid insulation. EcoTouch PINK Fiberglas Thermal Batts & Rolls with PureFiber Technology- R-21 and R-30C used to provide required R value in attic spaces at the inside face of the exterior wall below FOAMULAR Rigid foam wall and foundation insulation THERMAL ENCLOSURE SYSTEM Section 5 Air sealing: Fully seal all penetrations to unconditioned space (sect. 5.1), cracks in the building envelope (sect. 5.2) and other openings (sect. 5.3) EnergyComplete System with Flexible Seal Technology ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED HOMES V3.0 HOW OWENS CORNING CAN HELP YOU MAKE THE GRADE

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