Division 22 23 Ebook Page 172 VaporWick Pipe Insulation at Doubletree Guest Case Study

Case Study Housekeeping Director Patience Collins remembers what it was like before VaporWick pipe insulation was installed in the back hallways at the Doubletree Guest Suites in the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort. "We were getting a lot of condensation which was dripping in the hallway," recalls Collins. "The pipe was always wet and it built up a lot of mildew. We took caution by putting safety strips on the floor because we were having accidents but you cannot keep up with wiping the floor when you have water dripping down every two seconds." The solution? Paul O'Rork, Corporate Engineer for property owner FelCor Lodging Trust, ordered the installation of Owens Corning VaporWick insulation for chilled pipe. "Once they installed the insulation," says Collins, "the problem went away. We still have the strips for safety reasons, but we don't have a dripping wet floor anymore." According to O'Rork, the problem was caused by old insulation that had been on the pipes for many years and had broken down. "When I walked into the property they had towels on the floor - room towels - all the way down the length of the pipe," he recalls. "They had several slips and falls. "Since the installation of VaporWick insulation, I have not seen towel one, nor have I seen a drip of water on the floor. Everybody is very happy. The product has stopped all the safety issues, which is a critically important consideration." VaporWick pipe insulation was first installed at the Doubletree Guest Suites in the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort in June 2002. A second round of installation took place about 18 months later. "We dealt with the back of the house first," explains O'Rork. "It is an open area and has a lot of humidity because the doors at the end of the hallway are open to the outside atmosphere. "With the building as it is, you do get some intrusion of outside air in there and that's the main reason we had the bad condensate problem," he continues. "Since the VaporWick insulation was installed that problem has left and it has not returned. Everybody at the hotel is happy so far." Chief Engineer Rawle Budhoo is one of those happy people. It looks like new; no discoloration, no mildew, no water marks, nothing. " Chief Engineer Rawle Budhoo

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