Division 22 23 Ebook Page 165 Pittsburgh Steelers Heinz Field Case Study

Allegheny Insulation installed Owens Corning SSL II Fiberglas Pipe Insulation to optimize system performance and save energy on domestic water, chilled water, heating hot water and condensate drain piping. The insulation's factory-applied DOUBLESURE (trademark of Morgan Adhesives) double pressure sensitive adhesive closure provided positive mechanical and vapor sealing of the longitudinal seam of the insulation's smooth, reinforced, wrinkle resistant all-service vapor retarder jacket. Two-part butt strip seals completed the fast, neat, foolproof and effective long- term closure. Not having to use staples and mastic helped increase productivity. The Owens Corning fiberglass air handling system improves indoor air quality while conserving heating and cooling, preventing condensation and reducing noise. Allegheny Insulation installed two types of insulation on supply, outside and return air ductwork: Fiberglas All-Service Type 75 Duct Wrap on concealed ducts and Fiberglas Type 705 Insulation Board for improved performance around exposed ducts. Easy Cutting, Fitting Speed Duct Wrap Installation The Fiberglas All-Service Duct Wrap helped to speed installation by being easily cut and fit to flat, curved or irregular duct surfaces for a neat, thermally effective insulation blanket. Fiberglas Type 705 Board efficiently reduces sound transmission and resists abuse. Both insulations are faced with vapor retarder laminates of FRK (foil/scrim reinforcement kraft) construction. Thickness of the piping insulation, insulation board and duct wrap ranges from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. SSM Industries fabricated and installed the stadium's remaining HVAC ductwork and terminal boxes, which required control of noise expected primarily from the stadium's fans the air- blowing, not the cheering, kind. The sheet metal specialists put in supply ductwork downstream of variable air volume terminals and fan-powered boxes; return air ductwork for four major terminal units, and supply and return air ductwork for fan coil units serving the stadium's 120 luxury suites, said Bob Lang, SSM project manager. Duct Liner Provides 'Great Acoustic Performance' Key to sound control is Owens Corning Aeroflex PLUS Acoustical Duct Liner, supplied by G.V. Hamilton, a major Pittsburgh insulation contractor. On its sheet metal coil line in its plant only about a mile from the stadium, SSM automatically installed the 69,026 square feet of insulation onto the inside surface of the ductworks. "The only manual operation in assembly was gluing and pinning the liner to the fittings between

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