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material. "We worked with the architect and engineer to change the specification. That was about a four-year project." As a result, there will be about 400,000 square feet of Foamular 1000 insulation in the plaza decks at the new Washington Convention Center. Foamular 1000 offers compressive strength of 100 pounds per square inch. It is designed for use in high load-bearing applications and is ideal for under slabs, concrete floors and over foundation walls. The superior water resistance of extruded foam insulation also assures stable thermal performance. "Foamular 1000 is heavy duty stuff," says Randy Newton, Owens Corning Area Sales Manager for commercial foam insulation products. "You could put almost anything you want over it." Owens Corning foam insulation is also being used in two other applications. Foamular 250 is being used as perimeter insulation around the foundation, and Foamular ThermaPink 18 insulation is being installed in the wall cavity behind the exterior brick veneer. Choosing Suppliers Carefully Large projects always require good working relationships among manufacturers, distributors and contractors. The new Washington Convention Center is no exception. "Basically, we are using Owens Corning products on this job because of the relationship that we have with Owens Corning," says Weiss. "We generally do business with them because of the relationship and because of the product; it's just a very good product and they have great technical support." "A job like this is an ongoing project; it's not just a one-shot deal," he continues. "There needs to be flexibility in schedules, flexibility in delivery times, and there has got to be communication back and forth. We've had a long-standing relationship with Owens Corning. If there is a problem, we can get together with them and work it out." Sisk says his good service relationship with Owens Corning was especially helpful recently when he and his crew were asked to meet a milestone deadline for getting chilled water online. "The push was on to condition the building," says Sisk. "They had to control the humidity to do some of the finishing work in the building. They sent me a schedule and on the top it said, 'The Insulation Miracle Let's get it done in two months.' "We're following behind the mechanical trades," continues Sisk. "When an area is released to us, it may be necessary to call Owens Corning and say, 'Give me a truck in three days." So, when that happened, the product was there, which helped me out a lot. Owens Corning did a good job with that." The new Washington Convention Center is scheduled for completion by March 2003. The current budget estimate is $799 million. Convention Center Highlights 2.3 million square feet 725,000 square feet of exhibit space 150,000 square feet of meeting space 60,000 square foot ballroom 30,000 square feet of pre-function space 36,000 square feet of registration space 44,000 square feet of retail space Marshaling Yard located within 15 minutes State of the art technology

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