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Scott Weiss is no stranger to large construction projects. As a vice president at Kamco Building Supply, Weiss has visited many big building sites over the years. Still, he was impressed when he first saw the new Washington Convention Center in the District of Columbia. "When we first saw the project, it was a tremendous hole in the ground," said Weiss. "The excavation was so large the crane work and construction equipment actually looked like toy trucks in there." No wonder. The new Washington Convention Center is the largest public works project in the District since the city was first constructed. It will be the largest building in Washington and is being built in the largest excavation in the Western Hemisphere. To get the space they needed without violating the District's strict limits on building height, the 17-acre site was carved out to 50 feet below ground level. It will cover approximately six city blocks in the downtown business district. To give you an idea of how much space the structure will enclose, the Sears Tower could comfortably fit inside. In the main exhibit hall, four 747's could sit on two major league baseball fields or six football fields. The new center will use as much steel as seven Eiffel Towers. When completed in the Spring of 2003, the new Washington Convention Center will contain 2.3 million square feet of floor space, attract an estimated 2.5 million visitors, and is expected to bring $1.4 billion in community economic stimulus each year. Case Study

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