Division 22 23 Ebook Page 129 Fiberglasí Pipe & Tank Insulation Product Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet FIBERGLAS Pipe and Tank Insulation Description FIBERGLAS Pipe and Tank Insulation is made of semi-rigid fibrous glass board material, factory-jacketed with an FRK or ASJ Max encapsulated-paper jacket. The insulation is adhered with the end grain perpendicular to the jacket. This provides a flexible product that is easily wrapped around pipes, tanks or irregularly shaped objects, while providing good rigidity and abuse resistance. Key Features The ASJ Max jacket is tougher 1 than standard ASJ. It has a polymer coating that helps resist water staining and does not support mold or mildew growth 2 . The ASJ Max jacket can resisit short durations of liquid water exposure that can occur during construction. High compressive strength with a vertical fiber orientation makes this one of the strongest, most abuse-resistant FIBERGLAS Pipe Insulation products available. ASJ Max vapor retarder jacket matches the ASJ Max jacket of FIBERGLAS Pipe Insulation for uniformly good appearance in mechanical rooms. Fits all pipes and equipment of 10" NPS (250mm DN) and larger, eliminating the need to stock as many as 60 different pipe insulation thickness and diameter variations. Product Applications Apply to pipes and tanks 10" NPS (250mm DN) and larger. FIBERGLAS Pipe and Tank Insulation can also be used to insulate pipe flanges, valves, groups of parallel pipes, pipes with heat tracing lines and more. It may be applied over existing insulation to increase thickness and satisfy demands for increased energy conservation in already- operating systems. Availability Thickness Recommended Pipe Size Roll Length in. (mm) NPS in. (DN, mm) ft. (m) 1 (25) 10 (250) & up 42 (12.8) 1 (38) 10 (250) & up 27 (8.2) 2 (51) 10 (250) & up 20 (6.1) 2 (64) 14 (350) & up 26 (7.9) 3 (76) 17 (425) & up 21 (6.4) 3 (89) 20 (500) & up 18 (5.5) 4 (102) 23 (575) & up 16 (4.9) Fittings And Valves Valve bonnet should also be insulated Re-Insulation Steam Tracing Groups of Parallel Pipes 1. Based on burst strength testing. 2. ASJ Max jacket does not support mold growth when tested in accordance with ASTM C1338.

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