Division 22 23 Ebook Page 121 VaporWick Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions VaporWick Pipe Insulation B. Care should be taken to gently close the section and provide a wrinkle-free, smooth initial seal. C. Install VaporWick Sealing Tape snugly around joint of the insulation. Do not install so tightly that it will cause wrinkles or puckers in facing. D. Exposed end of sealing tape should be concealed from view or in an inconspicuous place wherever possible. Laps in joint seals should be installed in a downward position to minimize dust collection. Overlap should be 3". E. A hard plastic squeegee should be used to form the final seal. Starting at the center of the section, move the squeegee over the self-sealing lap adhesive to each end of the section using firm pressure. F. Butt ends of the section must be joined with VaporWick Pipe Insulation brand sealing tape only. The surfaces to be sealed should be clean and dry. Care should be taken not to introduce wrinkles into the facing or the sealing tape. Squeegee end seals with firm pressure to form a final seal. G. Stapling is not necessary with the VaporWick Pipe Insulation system and therefore is not recommended. Pipe Bends, Valves, Flanges and Fittings A. Pipe bends, valves, flanges and fittings are to be wrapped continuously (100% coverage) with VaporWick Wick Material. The wrapped wick must extend at least 1" past the nearest exposed evaporation holes to ensure a continuous wicking path with the adjacent piping. B. Standard site fabricated connections such as mitered, segmented or fish-mouth are recommended for bends and fittings. This practice will maximize the evaporation area. Standard PVC fittings with Fiberglas blanket inserts or molded/preformed fittings can also be used. Insulation thickness must be the same as that of the adjacent piping. The fittings should be sealed to the insulation sections using VaporWick Sealing Tape. C. Standard over sizing practices with VaporWick Pipe Insulation sections must be used for valves and flanges. Use standard VaporWick Pipe Insulation hole alignment as previously described. Hangers A. Clevis Hangers are the recommended support system. B. The insulation should be cut away for the foam or high- density Fiberglas insert (thickness equal to the insulation) as normal with the exception that the cutout will occur with the gap in the down position. Figure 2 Installed VaporWick with tape.

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