Division 22 23 Ebook Page 120 VaporWick Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions VaporWick Pipe Insulation surface under the insulation may aid in installing insulation sections in and around confined locations and on wet and/or corroded pipe. When the insulation section is in place, hold the insulation and pull the polyethylene film out. The polyethylene film must be removed prior to final placement and closure of laps and joints. D. Sections of pipe are tightly butted together and secured to each other as traditional Fiberglas pipe insulation using VaporWick Sealing Tape. E. All VaporWick Pipe Insulation system terminations should be sealed with mastic. Terminations include end of run transition to other material. Vertical Application A. Under severe conditions for any vertical piping insulation, moisture that enters the system will tend to accumulate at the bottom elbow. To ensure that vertical installations perform as designed, Owens Corning specifies the following: B. Install VaporWick Pipe Insulation sections and seal the lap strip as described in these instructions. Tape all vertical evaporating holes using two overlapping strips of VaporWick Sealing Tape. Seal all butt ends as described in these instructions. The wick will still transport any moisture that does enter the system to the nearest evaporator section where it can be evaporated. C. For vertical runs more than 9', a VaporWick Insulation skirt should be installed within 3' of the bottom elbow or termination. Additional skirts should be installed every forty feet of vertical run. The bottom skirt should be within three feet of the bottom elbow or termination. D. The skirt should be cut to length off a role of skirting material and installed between two sections of VaporWick Pipe Insulation. E. The lower section of pipe insulation should be installed before installing the skirt. After the lower section of pipe is installed, wrap the skirt around the pipe and then slide it down into place until the line printed on the skirt is even with the outside edge of the pipe insulation. A piece of tape may be used to hold the skirt in place so that it doesn't move when putting the rest of the insulation on. Illustrated in Figure 1. F. After the skirt is in place and all the fingers of the skirt are setting in place, then install the section of VaporWick Pipe Insulation above the wick to sandwich the skirt between the two sections of pipe. G. Lastly, wrap perforated tape around the exposed fingers sticking out from the skirt. Illustrated in Figure 2. For all cases, vertical perforations should be taped over. Facing & Joint Sealing A. The lap and/or joint seal should be made on a clean dry surface, when the temperature is between 25F and 110F. Figure 1 Installed skirt

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