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PRODUCT DATA SHEET Fiberglas Thermal Insulating Wool (TIW) Types 1-HP & II-HP Insulations Description Fiberglas Thermal Insulating Wool (TIW) Types I-HP and II-HP Insulations are off-white, noncombustible wool with resilient, inorganic glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting resin. TIW Type I-HP Insulation is available in rolls; TIW Type II-HP Insulation comes in batts. Features Excellent thermal performance contributes to lower fuel costs due to reduced heat loss. Easy to handle and install. The insulation is easily impaled over welded studs or pins, or may be held in place with wire ties, metal lath or lagging. There is no tendency for pin-hole elongation under vibration situations, a frequent source of heat leaks in heavy products. Large batts or blankets cover greater areas quickly, eliminating tedious block-by-block hand layup and drilling for studs in hard insulations. Can be used in direct contact with steel, copper and aluminum without corrosive effects. Applications Fiberglas TIW Type I-HP Insulation is used in applications up to 1,000F (538C) at maximum recommended thickness requiring a lightweight insulation, such as that used in panel systems, flexible wrap, industrial ovens or surfaces having irregularities. Its low compressive strength does not make it suitable for use as a base wool for metal mesh blankets. Fiberglas TIW Type II-HP Insulation is especially suitable for use in metal mesh blankets and for use on boilers, vessels and many other types of industrial equipment operating at temperatures up to 1,000F (538C) at maximum recommended thickness. It may also be used in panel systems for precipitators, ducts and breechings where more compressive resistance than Fiberglas TIW Type I-HP Insulation is needed. Standards, Codes Compliance ASTM C55 3, Mineral Fiber Blanket Thermal Insulation, Types I, II, V - TIW Type I-HP; all types - TIW Type II-HP when specification Type VII is limited to 1,000F maximum use temperature. ASTM C6 12, Mineral Fiber Block & Board Thermal Insulation, Types IA, II, III - TIW Type II-HP ASTM C795 , Thermal Insulation for Use Over Austenitic Stainless Steel 3 ASTM C1139, Fibrous Glass Thermal Insulation and Sound Absorbing Blanket and Board for Military Applications, Type 1, Grade 2 - TIW Type I-HP; Type 2, Grade 2 - TIW Type II-HP Mil. Spec. MIL-I-22023D (Ships), Insulation Felt, Thermal and Sound Absorbing Felt, Fibrous Glass, Flexible, Types 1 & 2, Class 3 - TIW Type I-HP N uclear Regulatory Commission Guide 1.36, Non-Metallic Thermal Insulation 3 U.S. Coast Guard Approval No. 164.109, Noncombustible Materials CAN/CGSB-5 1.11 - Type 1, Class 4 - Fiberglas TIW Types I-HP & II-HP Insulation 3. Preproduction qualification testing complete and on file. Chemical analysis of each production lot testing required for total conformance. Physical Properties Property Test Method Value Equipment Operating Temperature Range 1 ASTM C411 Up to 1,000F (538C) Nominal Density ASTM C167 1.0 pcf (16 kg/m 3 ) Water Vapor Sorption ASTM C1104 < 2.0% by weight at 120F (49C), 95% R.H. Composite Surface Burning Characteristics 1 Flame Spread Smoke Developed UL 723, ASTM E84 or CAN/ULC-S102 25 50 1. Maximum allowable thickness at 1,000F (538C): Type I-HP - 8.5" (216mm); Type II-HP - 6"" (152mm). 2. The surface burning characteristics of these products have been determined in accordance with UL 723, ASTM E84 or CAN/ULC-S102. These should be used to measure and describe the properties of materials, products or assemblies in response to heat and flame under controlled laboratory conditions and should not be used to describe or appraise the fire hazard or fire risk of materials, products or assemblies under actual fire conditions. However, results of this test may be used as elements of a fire risk assessment which takes into account all of the factors which are pertinent to an assessment of the fire hazard of a particular end use. Values are reported to the nearest 5 rating.. Availability Sizes TIW, Type I-HP (Rolls Widths, in. (m) Thickness, in. (mm) Length, ft. (m) No. of layers 24 (0.6) 1.0 (25) 87 (26.5) 2 layers 36 (0.9) 1.5 (38) 58 (26.5) 2 layers 48 (1.2) 2.0 (51) 87 (26.5) 1 layer 3.0 (76) 58 (17.7) 1 layer 4.0 (102) 44 (13.4) 1 layer TIW, Type II-HP (Batts) Thickness, in. (mm) Widths, in. (m) x length, in. (m) 1 (25) - 4 (102) (13) increments 24 x 48 (0.6 x 1.2) 36 x 48 (0.9 x 1.2)

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